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Εξωτερικό ταβέρνας κληματαριά
Μικροσκοπικά ρούχα - ντεκόρ
Τσαμπί σταφύλι
The name

Arbor (the) noun [vine] vine climbing (in fence, wall etc.)

//construction of beams where lies the climbing vine

*Synonymous. pergola, drana //
[TEGOPOULOS FITRAKIS (1991) Greek Dictionary]

Arbor (the) noun [vine]. Stylish tavern located in the historic center of Athens.

For over seventy years it has become a place designated to delight the human senses on weekdays and weekends. The live program with the dominant voice of Pericles as well as well-cooked traditional dishes guarantee that Klimataria’s own wine will soon take care of the rest….

The atmosphere brings memories of the old courtyards of our childhood and serves as a way for the mind and the senses to escape the entrapped multicultural center of Athens and the unhealthy everyday routine

*Synonymous. wellbeing, tasty treat, rare rembetiko sounds, even the godchildren love it.

[MERAKLIS KALOFAGAS (1995 onward), the beautiful of Athens]

Monday – Sunday: 12 pm – 2 am

Εξωτερικό με ταμπέλα ταβέρνας κληματαριάς
Έτοιμα φαγητά
Food - live music

Enjoy authentic Greek cuisine

We cook for you daily with fresh ingredients.
Bread leavened by us and baked in our oven.

Traditional Greek cuisine

See our menu.The menu may change depending on the season.

Live music

Follow us on social media to stay up to date with our music
Wednesday & Thursday @ 21:30Friday @ 22:00 & Saturday @ 22:30Live music until Sunday 13/08 and from Tuesday 22/08 our regular schedule

Traditional oven “Gastra”

Σερβίρισμα φαγητού από τη γάστρα στη ταβέρνα κληματαριά
Pork knuckle with potatoes
Γάστρες με φαγητό στην ταβέρνα κληματαριά
Lamb with potatoes
Τσαμπί σταφύλι

Traditional oven “Gastra”
Classic traditional recipes cooked in the pots located in the yard, offer another dimension of taste even to the most demanding gourmet.

The bread of Klimataria
The bread is made in Klimataria from fine flour. We use traditional recipes for the best and tastiest result.
Handmade sheet and filling with pure ingredients depending on the season make Klimataria pies an integral part of a good meal.